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Happy Friday you guys! Today Sean and I are going to get some delicious coffee at a new place I've been itching to try, The Daily Press CLT, and then we're going to go see American Sniper! I'm so excited. I love coffee and new movies and days off and I love being able to spend every minute of those days with him.

I'm getting over a horrible flu and cough, it's driving me insane, so I've needed lots of coffee to get me through my sleepy, hazy daze. The new flat white from Starbucks, with soy milk, is my reigning go-to! I have ordered it every single time I've gone to get coffee throughout the week. You can see its debut blog photograph below.  A week ago I was cleaning out Sean's closet and I found a 44 dollar giftcard, and it's almost wiped just because I love this beverage so much! 

On Sunday Sean and I got some Starbucks at my favorite location in Dilworth, and then we walked to Alpine Ski Shop to look at some shred gear. Now that I have my own snowboard, I'm excited to get the rest of my stuff so I can go shred some pow. Here's what I wore when we went shopping, denim by 3! Stylish, but comfortable enough when you're still on the edge of being sick... do I look like a pro shredder yet?
Chambray Top, Target. Denim, Forever 21. Bag, Kate Spade. Denim Jacket, Target. Beanie, n/a. Shoes, Target.
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