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Last night at my bible study we discussed our "patterns" for the upcoming year. It might sound a little different, but one thing that they have been focusing on at church is getting rid of setting goals. Goals can be tough. While they are great in many ways, sometimes they can be unrealistic and hard to achieve, and occasionally they can leave you feeling defeated and disappointed. We talked about how beginning a new year shouldn't be about setting goals for oneself that you aren't sure whether or not you'll reach, but about changing and gaining patterns. For example, if you say you're a night owl, but you've never tried to adjust your routine and become a morning person, of course that is the pattern that your body is used to. We discussed how picking a word to focus on for the year can be helpful when it comes to changing your patterns and your lifestyle. It can help you remember what to focus on, and help your focus remain on Him.
My two words for the year are patience and community.

Patience in waiting on God to show me the path for my life. Patience in the hardships. Patience in waiting for the right job. Patience in waiting on the perfect timing for marriage to Sean. Patience in making moves and improving myself.

Community will remind me to branch out and meet new people. It will help me remember that God didn't create me to sit alone and only have my family and Sean as my friends, but he made me for a purpose. He made me to be a friend to others, and for others to be a friend to me when I need them. Community will help my relationships grow and thrive.

What are your words and patterns for 2015?
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