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Hello, Blog World!

It is so great to be here on this lovely Monday morning! I have been anxiously anticipating the moment when my new and improved website could launch, and now the time has finally arrived.

It feels wonderful!

Over the last few years my “Trendy Lindy” name (props to my dad for the creative title) has developed into my own personal brand, right alongside my life changes and growth as a person. With a college degree under my belt and my hands dirty with past fashion experiences, I’m ready to really begin my blogging adventure!

I hope that many of my readers will visit my site, not just to see what I wear from day to day, but also to have some fun, gain inspiration, create many new friendships, and, more so than not, glean some personal style tips.

If there is one thing I’ve realized after graduating and fighting my way into the fashion industry, it’s that my field of dreams is way more expansive than I ever imagined. It stretches, spans and extends all the way from my Charlotte roots to the tips of the buildings in the NYC skyline. While it may be a lengthy hike, and one that is worn down from countless pairs of pumps and penny loafers making the trek, I am not going to stop until I surpass the top… and that is where ya’ll come in!

This little blog may not gain millions of followers or lead the list of most popular reads on Bloglovin’… but it’s a place for me to share my life with you! A place where I can come to document how my future is unfolding right before my eyes. A virtual diary that you are free to read whenever you feel the need, and one that I can look back on when I get where I want to be!

So with all that in mind, and with my boots deep in the soil of the “unknown,” you better be ready to hold on tight, trendsetters.

Here goes nothing!
Alloy blouse (n/a) similar here, Vintage belt, Brandy Melville shorts, Lord & Taylor boots (n/a) similar here, Bracelets (n/a).

By the way, be sure to explore all of the links located at the top of my blog to get to know me better!
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