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Um yes, okay, I'll take one large order of fall weather please?

It feels absolutely glorious here today. I'm talking mid-70's, people. It's amazing! If there is one thing that can transform my mood it's cool, crisp, low-humidity air. Bring it on!

Just last week I got back from an awesome vacation to the North West (ha-ha, Kardashian baby). We traveled from Portland to Cannon Beach, Cannon Beach to Seattle, and Seattle to Vancouver! Not only were the sites spectacular, but the weather was perfect. That is one thing I could get used to! Throw some autumn air my way. I got to break out my boots, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts and I loved every second of it. Fall fashion is my all-time favorite.

Here is one outfit I wore while savoring the sweet taste of autumn...

Urban Outfitters glasses, Victoria Secret Green Cardigan, H&M Blue Cardigan, CC Necklace, H&M Top, Brandy Melville Shorts, DSW Combat Boots

One of my favorite things about visiting Seattle was going to the original Starbucks! Like I said in my bio, I am an INTENSE Starbucks addict. Like I think I need help. I would buy it every single day (which I actually, pretty much, kind of do already) if I could afford to. When I walked inside and caught a whiff of the delicious scent of espresso, I was in coffee heaven.

Doesn't that hazelnut macchiato look to-die for? I know this may sound crazy, but to me it tasted extra delectable coming from the original Starbucks! 

Anywho, this morning I went to my usual salon and got my bangs freshly chopped. I love how something as simple as cutting your bangs can make you feel as if you have a whole new hair style! Hooray for simplicity!

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