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The one thing I was looking forward to most about going to Montreal was the French food. I know that sounds crazy, but send some coffee and croissants my way and I am a happy camper! The authenticity of the French cuisine we tried while we were there was amazing. Cafe Au Lait, chocolate croissants, savory crepes, pistachio pastries, flaky baguettes, foamy name it, we probably ate it. My twin sister and I are obsessive about cute coffee shops, so we made sure to find some must-try stops every morning for breakfast. Let me just say, I ate enough bread to feed a small family.

Also, I apologize for how often I wear these Brandy Melville shorts. They are definitely my new go-to and they are just way too easy to throw on. Oops!

Ikat Top, Urban Outfitters. Shorts, Brandy Melville. Sweater, Forever 21. Boots, DSW. Glasses, Target. Bandeau, Brandy Melville. Tote bag, Urban Outfitters.
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