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Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday and Wednesday. I was traveling and getting a jump start on my birthday weekend!

(Bare with me while I'm sentimental) 

Yesterday, as I sat in the Starbucks at my alma-matter, looking at all the students walking to and from class with their bookbags on their backs and their heads free of worry, not even realizing how fast their four years as a Pirate undergrad will fly by, I couldn't help but think about the little time here that I took for granted.
Don't get me wrong, class is awesome and I think everyone should work hard to get the degree that they want so they can achieve the career of their dreams, but don't take it all too seriously!

Have a good time, live a little, take advantage of your freedom and your friendships while you can. There are going to be times, like the ones I'm experiencing now, as a college grad living in Charlotte, where you're going to miss all of your peers and the free time that you had. After college comes way more responsibility then you could ever imagine. It's not always fun and football games. It's hard, it's challenging and it pushes you! 

99% of the time I try to live life without any regrets. I love all of the people that I met in school and I wouldn't change anything about the moments that I experienced... but one thing I might alter if I could go back in time would be my openness to new ideas and new experiences. Sometimes I felt like I lived in my own little selfish bubble where I just did what I wanted to do and didn't think about what I was missing out on. Don't do that, undergrads. Make yourself happy, but undertake the unknown!

Before you can even blink you'll be walking around campus as an alumni!

Oh and to the new East Carolinian Fashion Columnist... I read your first column and loved it! Glad to pass on my position to a trendy, talented Pirate. Keep up the awesome work!
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