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Do ya'll like smoothies? I have always loved them. They are just so refreshing and satisfying to me! I love fruit and I love shakes and I love being healthy. My new obsession is the Double Green smoothie from Whole Foods. Oh my word, let me just tell you, it is delicious. It's made up of kale, spinach, bananas, mixed berries and almond milk. It may sound weird, but it's good for you and super tasty. I may try and recreate it, myself!

The other day before work I stopped by Whole Foods, which is conveniently located right next to a fellow bloggers apartment, where I picked up a smoothie and did some modeling for my blog. Pattern mixing is such a fun trend right now, and although I wouldn't consider myself a "Kate Spadey" girl, I loved what I did with this look! So simple, comfortable and chic! What do you think? Are stripes and polka dots new BFF's?

You tell me!
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