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Alright, I'll admit it... I often shop in the Target kids section. I am not ashamed! You can find some great stuff there, people. I mean quality items at quality prices!

I don't know if my other petite friends feel my pain, but one of my biggest problems is the way that pants tend to fit me. It seems as if I can never find a pair that is perfect in all the right areas. I know that in the world of fashion you are always supposed to get stuff tailored, but I always try to work with that I have and save a little cash!

This LPB (little pink belt, get it?) is just something small that I once bought from Target. I purchased it to wear with a pair of pants that always fall off my waist, but the other day I decided to use it as skinny, waist-line belt, with an outfit I wore to work! I love the simple heart detailing on it. It may look childish when paired with childish clothing, but with a little black dress it adds the ideal amount of femininity! 

Do you have any items from the kids section? C'mon, don't be shy...
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