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While I was rocking my thrifted tribal print sweater, my twin sister (and photographer) was also looking stylish! One thing I love about autumn is wearing neutrals. Any combination of muted colors looks fabulous juxtaposed against fall leaves and overcast weather. This simple look combines sandy browns and mossy greens to create an earth-toned ensemble that looks casual, yet on trend!

Although my sister and I look very much alike in many ways, one thing I've always admired about her is her extra fair complexion and amazingly blue eyes. They seem to pop no matter what she's wearing! She also has a beautiful smile that I envy so much! I love her to the moon and I love taking street style shots with her. Here's how she wore her latest fall look...

Top, Forever 21. Vest, Urban Outfitters. Scarf, N/A. Denim, Urban Outfitters. Flats, Target.

What's your favorite earth-toned ensemble?
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