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Hope all of you are having a fantastic Saturday! Incase you didn't get a chance to check it out yesterday, today I'm sharing my guest post via Summers in Seersucker! Hope you enjoy...

First off I want to say thank you so much to Megan for letting me guest blog! I love her site and her style, for someone of 16. Don't you? If you haven't yet, be sure to check out her guest post on my blog yesterday! (2 days ago) Anywho...

With pumpkins on every porch and the scent of turkey and Christmas trees gradually wafting our way, there's one particular item that is a "must-add" to your wardrobe... a sweater. It sounds simple, right? Oh no big deal, let me just go to the mall and pick one out. Wrong. Very, very wrong. The daunting task of picking out the perfect sweater this time of year is overwhelming. How can you narrow down your choices with so many amazing options!?

elbow patches or no elbow patches?

stripes or polka dots?

neutral or bright?

crew-neck or v-neck?

graphic print or solid?

long sleeve or fourth sleeve?

cropped or tunic?

cashmere or wool?

The list goes on and on, people! So today I'm going to give you four easy options, just incase you're in a sweater-rut this season. Hopefully one of them will suit your style!

1) J.Crew Camel Sweater - What's the nativity scene without the oh-so-recognizable camel? Not only does it combine neutral tones with a fun graphic print, but it's also extremely versatile! Pair it with some patterned pants any day of the week, and you're J.Crew model status.
2) ASOS Elastic Cross-back Sweater Dress- Just because you're wearing a big cozy sweater doesn't mean you can't look glamorous. This ASOS dress is the perfect way to stay comfortable and chic. Black, backless, and ideal for cooler weather!
3) Nasty Gal Rush Knit Sweater- I've already mentioned in previous posts how much I love plaid for fall. It's pretty much the most "mountainy, jumping-in-leaves, hiking, cocoa-drinking" print around. I love it in almost every color, but red and black is a classic that'll always be number one in my book.
4) Madewell Wafflestitch Colorblock Sweater- One of my favorite looks is the "baseball tee" look. Different color sleeves with a solid body is extremely chic! Don't you know that the baseball fad is in right now? Throw on a Yankees cap and hit the streets!

Which one is your favorite? If you pick one out and feel the urge to order, share a picture with us! We'd love to see it! Be sure to follow my blog at! Thank you again, Megan!

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