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When people told me back in college that finding a job in this economy would be tough, they really meant it. I graduated school in May and since then I have applied to over ONE HUNDRED AND TEN JOBS. Yes, you read that correctly, over 110. It can be a bit discouraging, and timely, to apply to that many jobs without any responses.
About a month ago I had an NYC based company respond to my application submission asking me to set up a phone interview. I was thrilled! Out of all the jobs I had been applying to (mind you they were all online) this was my first response that wasn't an offer for an unpaid internship! After connecting via email, we became really close and I felt extremely confident. I was consistently given positive feedback regarding my ideas and background and I truly felt I had it in the bag. I followed up the first interview with two more Skype interviews, waited two more weeks to hear the verdict, and was then given the news that they had gone in a different direction.

I know it sounds silly, but I put so, so much into that interview process. I literally stayed up past 2 in the morning multiple nights coming up with ideas and brainstorming potential campaigns. I wanted this job more than anything, and I fought my hardest to get it. I know that God works out everything for a reason, but that one let-down was a little hard for me to digest.
A couple weeks after that, my spirits were higher and my mindset was different. I started thinking that God's plan for me was to just ride the waves, relax, and find jobs here at home. This would let me save money, count down the days, minutes and hours until my amazing boyfriend, siblings, and college friends would be back in Charlotte with me, and cherish the moments I had without a packed agenda. I would reach my goals eventually, I wasn't complaining! At times it could get a little bit lonely, but for the most part I always find something to keep myself busy.

Friday, October 18th, I was sitting in my bonus room blogging and catching up on my social media when I received a notification in my LinkedIn inbox.
Let me just pause for a moment to tell you that I had a heart attack/panic attack/freak out when I received this message. I literally started running around my house, jumping up and down, spinning in circles, clapping my hands, and squealing like a little school girl.

CONDE NAST, the biggest publishing company in the fashion industry, had messaged me asking me to interview as ASSISTANT TO THE EDITOR AND CHIEF OF TEEN VOGUE MAGAZINE. 

THEY messaged ME!? 
Can you grasp that concept? I didn't apply, you guys. Not even once. They found my blog, connected to me via LinkedIn, and asked me to interview for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I was in shock. To speed up the story a little bit, I ended up scheduling my interview for Wednesday morning and booking a flight for Tuesday morning. I was about to go to The Big Apple, the best city EVER, and I had only 4 days to plan what I was wearing, where I was staying, and what I was going to say during this interview!?
Wednesday morning, after waking up two hours early to make sure my makeup looked perfect and my hair wasn't a frizzy mess, I stepped out into the hustle and bustle of my favorite city on earth. The air was crisp and cool, leaves crunched under my new black boots, and the most diverse group of stores and locals surrounded me. With my headphones on and my Kate Spade bag on my arm, I made my way to the subway station. Time Square enveloped me in an "I've missed you" hug and it seemed as if every honk and yell was a personalized shout of "welcome back." I was reunited with the city that I know I will one day call home and my heart was so happy. 

After a quick Starbucks breakfast and an anxious walk over to the Conde Nast building, I received my name tag and clack, clack, clacked my heels over to the elevators (props to the movie Devil Wears Prada for making me even more excited and providing me with wonderful visuals). It wasn't the first time I was in this building, I had visited last year when I attended TVFU, but it was my first time knowing that THEY had invited ME. I was going in as a guest of honor, not just a random college student who signed up. 
The elevators opened and famous faces greeted me from the blown-up covers of GQ, Lucky, and Glamour Magazine, just to name a few. I swished my chiffon skirt over to the doors, told the receptionist that I was ready for my meeting, and sat myself in the nearest chair for about 15 minutes before they called me in.

The interview went so well! The whole time I was sitting there, with a gorgeous back-drop of the city, I couldn't believe that it was real. It was practically impossible for me to think because I couldn't grasp the idea of where I was or what I was doing. I loved the girl I met with and we instantly clicked! That afternoon I received an email telling me that the finalist had already been chosen for the assistant position, but that they wanted me to come in for a follow-up interview with the Senior Recruiter to discuss "other opportunities"....
So that's where I'm going to leave the job update, you guys. The door has cracked opened, my second interview went even better than the first, and I've met amazing people during this process. I'm so hopeful for the future. My steps towards NYC are way fewer then they were a week ago. I know that I'm close and I know I will get there eventually.

I'm so thankful for Conde Nast and for their interest in me! It makes me feel so confident and proud knowing that they see something in me that over 110 companies haven't yet noticed. They're such an influential, ground-breaking company and I will always admire them, regardless of what the future holds.
I am so blessed!

So now, with that extremely long post behind me, I'm going to leave you with a giant collage of photos from my amazing NYC trip...

Come back tomorrow for a fun fall recipe that is gluten free and only takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds to bake?! Mmmm, so delicious. 
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