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Happy Wednesday, readers! 

This post is coming to you live from Greenville, home of the ECU Pirates! Ah how I love being back at my alma mater with my man and best friends! They make me so happy.

My "road-trip" ensemble yesterday. Slightly obsessed with my new black boots I bought for NYC.
 Had to make a pit-stop at my "halfway there" Starbucks! Potato chips and a skinny hazelnut macchiato made for the perfect little snack.
Back with my man! It's crazy how much I love spending time with him! No matter what we do, we always have fun.

If you read my NYC Unveiled post, on Monday I told you that I was going to post a recipe for a gluten free dessert that I discovered... but while I'm tweaking and testing out my revised version, I'm going to share with ya'll another great treat! I discovered these adorable little chocolate peanut butter acorns the other day while skimming through my Facebook, and I knew I had to make them for my friends and boyfriend! Although they aren't gluten free, they look delicious and so festive for autumn!

Here's the simple recipe...

- Chocolate chips
- Mini Nutter-butter crackers
- Hershey kisses
- Chocolate icing

Unwrap all your Hershey kisses and dump out all your Nutter-butters so you have an easy assembly line. What I did to make this process simple was lay out my crackers in rows on a flat cookie sheet. With a small spoon or butter knife, spread some chocolate icing on the flat side of the Nutter-butters. Once covered with icing, place a Hershey kiss (point side up, obviously) on top of the icing. Continue this process until all Nutter-butters and Hershey kisses are connected to create the bottom of the acorns.

After you've let these sit and dry for a little bit, repeat the process by using a tiny dot of chocolate icing to place a little chocolate chip on top of the Nutter-butters. This turns into the lid of the acorn! That is that, you guys.

So easy, right? Everyone told me that they tasted delicious, and I always loving bringing my friends something they can eat and enjoy during the holiday season! What is your favorite fall recipe?

Come back later this week for my revised gluten free treat!
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