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When I was little my family used to go pick out a real Christmas tree together every year. We would all pile into the car, make our way to the tree lot, and search until we found the right one. My parents always had the final say, but it was the tradition and festivity that we loved most! The smell of the fresh pine, the cool air that made your cheeks rosy and flushed, and the adventure of finding the star of the show was just so exciting to us.

As all the kids grew older and the mystery of the holiday faded just a little bit,  my parents decided to get a fake tree for our home. Looking at it from an adult perspective, I can definitely see how it is easier and much more practical. I really don't mind our fake tree! It is just as beautiful, just as magical, and just as fun as a regular tree... but I know that once I get my own house I will fall back to the real ones! I want to start the same tradition with my children that I enjoyed when I was young. I still get excited when I see a parking lot filling up with twinkle lights and trees of all different shapes and sizes, like I saw today! The holidays are upon us, and I'm soaking up every little minute of it!
Top, New York & Company. Sweater, Madewell. Scarf, American Eagle. Pants, Abercrombie. Beanie, N/A. Boots, N/A. Bag, Kate Spade.

What's your favorite holiday tradition?
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