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I don't know the exact reason for it... maybe it's because I'm only 4'10, or maybe it's just part of my DNA, but I have crooked knees. Yep, it's a fact. 

I'm sure you've noticed, and you're probably just too nice to comment on them, so thank you. Ever since we were little my twin sister and I were cursed with these crooked caps. Combine funny knees with short legs and you have one dynamic duo! This leads to knee-high boots, which would usually hit at the appropriate place on a normal sized human being, covering up our little petite calves entirely. While it definitely isn't the most figure flattering look, there's no escaping it! 

Many of you know I have a crazy love of boots, 13 pairs currently sit in my closet, but because of this goofy knee conundrum, ankle and combat boots are my usual choice. So just to switch it up a little bit, here are some street style shots debuting my beloved Piperlime camel colored riding boots. Hiding my knees but not hindering my style!
Plaid Button-down, Victoria Secret. Sweater, Ann Taylor. Scarf, N/A. Pants, Abercrombie. Boots, Piperlime. Bag, Kate Spade. Hat, N/A. Ring, Forever 21. Lipstick, Mary Kay.

What are some quirky qualities that add a little character to your look?
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