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This weather lately has been so bipolar! Sunday I was taking pictures in the beautiful 70 degree sunshine, and yesterday it was pouring rain and sleet. I mean what!? The sky can't make up it's mind! Thankfully, the dreary weather made it the perfect setting to get some delicious brunch at Tupelo Honey (open-faced gluten free veggie melt, of course) and sip on a Starbucks skinny peppermint mocha.

via Instagram- @TrendyLindy
My sweet man sent me an e-gift the other day, just to cheer me up and show me some love, so I picked up a sweet treat and jammed to John Mayer and Sara B, on him. It was a lovely afternoon!

Here's what I wore! Photos taken in my room to escape the down-pour. Leading accessory, my sweet pup Rocky...
Tiger Muscle Tee, Urban Outfitters. Denim (DIY Distressed), Abercrombie. Loafers, DSW. Chanel Style Coat, Ann Taylor. Eye Make-up, Revlon.

Have a lovely Tuesday!
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