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One thing that I'm so thankful for while I'm living here at home is my church. My pastor is so awesome, I can't even describe how much I enjoy his sermons! He's made my church family come alive over the last year and he's evoked in me a spirit of wanting to get out there and make a difference, not just in my own life, but in the lives of the nearest, neighbors and the nations. If you want to listen to a captivating, funny, heart-warming pastor, that strengthens your faith but doesn't tip-toe around important issues, go over to the Carmel Baptist website! You can watch them on your laptop at home, or on your Kindle at the gym! I promise this isn't meant to be a "commercial" type post, I just really wanted to share it with you all. God is working here in the Queen City, and I love it!

This outfit is a classic look that I wore to church on Sunday, with a little "private school girl" spin to it. Nothing too edgy or boho, but still sweet. Excuse my messy pony-tail and hidden bangs. I just throw my hair up however I can when I have to get out the door quickly... which I usually do on Sunday mornings because I am not a morning person. 
Also, I still can't believe I bought this skirt for only 3 dollars from Goodwill. Major steal! I'm probably rocking a piece of someone's old uniform, and I don't hate it... (Also, random 70 degree days make me happy!)
Skirt, Goodwill. Top, Forever 21. Cardigan, Target. Headband, N/A. Boots, H&M. Cross Bracelet, Hand Picked. Pink Lipstick, Mary-Kay.
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