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Another casual, coffee- date outfit post... can you believe it?? I also wanted an excuse to wear the new Nike sneaks that I got for my birthday! Ha.

Obviously you have all noticed these types of looks are my favorite! The other day I asked my twin sister, "What can I wear on my blog to make my outfits more popular and more similar to other well known blogs?" and one thing I realized was that my ensembles aren't super girly! Most popular bloggers are decked out in monograms, bell skirts and frilly detailing. I love those looks, and I do get dressed up in skirts and dresses from time to time, but on an everyday basis I lean towards casual looks! In the future I'm going to try and dress up my ensembles a little more! What do ya'll think I should add to my wardrobe routine? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Side note: New Charlotte local coffee obsession.  FABO Coffee & Art Bar off of Park Road. Delicious, affordable & a great atmosphere! I'd definitely recommend it!
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