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Since I know I'm going to be in Charlotte longer than I ever planned... I've decided to try and "explore" the city that I've lived in for over 20 years of my life! I'm all about some local flavor, especially compared to cities like Boston and New York, and although Charlotte isn't quite known for it's local flare, I like to hunt it down until I find my favorite spots that are unique to the Queen City. Since I'm a hard-core coffee connoisseur, my go-to adventure is seeking out local coffee shops. Rush Espresso is my new favorite, located in Ballantyne Village, but I also found a little place called Mugs that I tried out with Sean.

One of my favorite things to do is to get up and get a jump start on the day by going out for coffee or breakfast. Throw on some basics, sneakers and your boyfriends tee if you want some extra comfort, forget that messy bed-head, and drive to your ideal spot. Mugs was so much fun to try out! Any quality time I spend with my love is perfect to me. The atmosphere wasn't my favorite, but I got an absolutely delicious almond milk brown sugar latte. It was the perfect ratio of sweetness to espresso. I would definitely go back to get a latte to-go! Yum.

Here are my pictures from that morning...
Tee, Sean's undershirt. Shorts, American Eagle. Sunglasses, Lou Lou's. Sneakers, Converse. Watch, N/A. Bracelet, Fiore Boutique. Ring, Pandora.

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