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One trend that I love that has circled around for winter 2014 is the turtleneck. Anything that can help you stay warmer and cozier for cold, crisp weather is a must-have in my book! If you look on blogs, in stores like Madewell, Gap, J.Crew and even Forever 21 you will see turtlenecks revamped and worn in a variety of ways. I struck Goodwill gold when I found this forest green turtleneck sweater for only three bucks. What a steal! To make this preppy piece a little trendier, I paired it with my leather leggings and oversized glasses... a perfect combination!
Turtleneck, Goodwill. Gingham Top, Forever 21. Bag, Urban Outfitters. Leggings, Fab'rik. Boots, Forever 21. Glasses, Urban Outfitters. 
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