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Although I've never visited this time of year, I know from movies, friends and family, The Today Show, and pictures, that there is nothing more magical than Christmas in NYC. The magnificent Rockefeller Center tree, wreaths and lights illuminating sky high buildings, ice skating rinks, steaming hot chocolate, heavy snow fall and festive songs... It sounds amazing!

So while I sit here in North Carolina, with my beautiful tree but not-so-festive 70 degree weather, I will daydream about Christmas time in New York...

"We're on a flight to JFK
It's like this plane is Santa's sleigh
In an hour we'll hop a train to Manhattan
We'll leave our bags up in the room
Make our way down 5th Avenue
Baby, tonight it's lookin like magic
A wonderland painted white 
All lit up by a million lights
There is no place I'd rather be 
Spending Christmas in the city
Oh look the Rockefeller tree 
It's so much bigger than we thought it'd be. 
Excuse me sir, would you mind taking our picture?
A carriage ride through the park
It feels so perfect, arm in arm.
Baby, we'll find some place warm when it's over..."
Christmas in the City - Matt Wertz
Top, Brandy Melville. Sweater, N/A. Purse, Target. Denim, Forever 21. Wedge booties, Urban Outfitters. Socks, Target.

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!
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