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How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was awesome! Plenty of delicious food, pajamas, and lazy afternoons. I have so, so much to be thankful for! A loving family, an amazing boyfriend, a roof over my head, freedom, great friends, safety, clean clothes, home cooked meals, hot water... the list goes on and on! Aren't we blessed?

One thing that I want to focus on this holiday season is the fact that I wouldn't have anything if God didn't give it to me. He gives and he takes away, and he is so generous! I hate to break it to you...but you don't actually "own" anything that you have! Nope, it's really not yours. He provided it! Isn't that a crazy perspective for Christmas time? We're really lucky, you guys! So over the next few weeks I want to give more than I get! I want to help people have an amazing holiday, and I want to focus on the real "reason for the season!"

Here are some pictures from my family time & Thanksgiving feast...

Doesn't that look like fun? Relaxing with my friends and family is always the perfect recipe for happiness! What do you have to be thankful for and what are your ideas for giving back? I would love some suggestions!

Also, here's a quick preview of my patriotic street style post coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!
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