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Today was so cold I couldn't think of wearing anything other than a sweatshirt. The temperature is dropping at warp speed and a little southern snow is on it's way! Tonight we're supposed to get 3-6 inches. Do you wanna know what that means here in good ol' Charlotte, NC? School gets cancelled, the roads get copiously covered in salt, the sleds get pulled out and the hot chocolate starts boiling. We like to go all out, even when it's just a little layer of frosting.

This morning I met one of my good friends at Whole Foods for smoothies. Torre and I have become closer and closer over the last two years and I'm so happy that she's back home for the time being!
She's crazy talented in photography, textile design, fashion sketching, poetry, writing... you name an "artsy" quality and this girl has it! I've always admired her unique style and creativity. She never seems afraid to be herself, and that's an amazing trait to possess. Today she took some quick blog pictures of me in my super casual ensemble while we enjoyed our food and tried not to freeze.

You can follow her on Instagram, here! She's gonna go far, you guys, I'm sure of it.
Striped Hoodie, Madewell. Beaded Sweatshirt, Forever 21. Denim, Abercrombie (DIY bleached & distressed). Boots, DSW.
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