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What's your favorite thing to get for Valentine's Day? Are you a chocolate fanatic? Or are you more into flowers and teddy bears? I'm always happy with a fun night out, a delicious meal and good hug. Simplicity is okay with me! As long as we're together and having a good time, I'm very happy! Valentine's Day can be a little gimmicky to me, and I want the ones I love to know I love them regardless of whether it's marked on the calender.

Although, if I could somehow give myself some Valentine's Day gifts sent down from fashion heaven (with the money I don't have...sigh) I would definitely be buying some killer clothes and beauty must-haves. Here are 8 things I'm dreaming of and crushing on for the day of love...
Aqua Liner - Make Up For Ever
Color- Iridescent Fuschia
Price: 23.00
Order HERE
Forever 21 - Out West Skater Dress
Price- 12.80 - Order HERE

Touch-Of-Glam Wool Fedora
Price - 16.80 - Order HERE
ASOS Satchel Bag
Price - 40.74 - Order HERE
Dr. Martens - Cherry Red
Price - 120 - Order HERE
NYX Nude Matte Lipstick
Price - 5.99 - Order HERE
ILY Couture - Oh My Chic Sweatshirt
Price - 58.00 - Order HERE

I'll take one of each please? Obsessed. And I'll wear them all at once! Sounds like the perfect V-Day ensemble.
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