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Have ya'll been watching the Olympics lately? My mom and I have been glued to the TV almost every night watching the winter games. Our favorites are snowboarding and figure skating! Some of the tricks and spins they do absolutely blow my mind! I can't get over it. Oh and what about the ski jump? How do you even train for something like that? I would pee my pants sitting on the edge of those ramps, wouldn't you? It's just insane! Oh how I love the Olympics... especially sitting by my warm fire with some blueberry crisp and coffee.

It's a little ironic that right now, while it's a balmy 60 degrees in Sochi, it's blizzarding here in the South. We're expected to get almost a foot of snow, which we haven't seen in 10 years. So when the snowflakes started swirling, covering the grass and frosting the trees, I decided to put together an Olympics inspired ensemble. Go team USA!
Boots, Lord & Taylor. Denim, Forever 21. Top, Thrifted Goodwill. Sweater, Nasty Gal. Scarf, Fiore Boutique. Ring, Charlotte Russe. Watch, Belk. Hat, Vintage. Brown Cardigan, Delias.

Stay safe and warm and enjoy the snow, everyone!
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