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One trend that I've always loved, but haven't exactly utilized until now, is the boho headband. I can't explain to you how much I love hippie style. Headbands, turbans, tops, cut-offs, beading... It has always inspired me! I want to incorporate it into my wedding. I love long cascading hair, silky blouses, billowy silhouettes, sheer elements, floral designs, simplicity with flare. I'm in love with the idea! It's definitely hard to incorporate it into my look all the time, sometimes I like classic items, or popular trends that aren't "hippie-boho-hipster" come about, but I often try to mix it in if I can!

Here are a few "pin-spiration" boho looks that I'm obsessing over. Now if only I could find the seeds to my money tree...

All photos via Pinterest.

Here is yesterday's boho headband look! Hair accessory brought to you by Versona...

In other news... I've mentioned it before and I'm not ashamed to talk about it again... the chocolate meringue cookie from Starbucks is one of THE BEST gluten free treats (under 2 dollars) that I have ever tasted in my life. Melt in your mouth chocolate chips with a light crust that breaks over the top after coming out of the oven. Oh my yum. It is so good! The bad news? Starbucks announced it's discontinuing it. Yep, they're taking away my cookie dream! Thanks a lot, Starbucks! I'm one of your biggest fans! How could you do this to me!? (Tear.)
So if I walk into a Starbucks, and I see this poor little abandoned cookie sitting behind a glass counter, showing it's little "adopt me" puppy eyes... I snatch it up! I eat it and love it and give it a good little cozy home in my hungry, gluten intolerant belly. 
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