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Last week and this weekend were super busy for me! Niece and nephew birthday parties, my older brother in town, boyfriend in town, lots of family time, date nights... Woah! So fun, but super busy.

I know that I literally just mentioned volunteering with CSM to you in my last post, but I realized that I just have too much to focus on to truly dedicate my time to that. I promise I'm not a "flaky" person, I hope ya'll know that! I really did love the opportunity, but as a post-grad I just need something more substantial. If I'm going to devote my time to a job, I want to give it my all and I want to do my best!

What drives you? Success, regardless of the task, or working towards something that makes you happy? That's been a big topic for me lately, I'm curious on your take.

In other news, since I don't have any particular street style posts, I decided to throw together a weekend review! Here it goes...

Last week I got a quick haircut, bang chop and blow out at Planet 21. My go-to stylist, Emily, always does a fantastic job! I love the way it turned out. From there I celebrated my fresh cut with a hazelnut macchiato before going out to lunch with my grandmother and to see Endless Love. Eventful yet relaxing days are the best!
Thursday I had two job interviews! They both went extremely well, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I would love to work at either store, so we'll see what happens and where God leads me! Here's my interview look...
I also drank more coffee and slept in a little... That's what weekends are for!
Saturday night Sean and I went out to Cajun Yard Dog to celebrate Valentine's Day! I'm so happy he got to come home this weekend! We love going out to eat. I can't put into words how amazingly delicious this restaurant is. If you live in Charlotte and you haven't eaten there, you NEED to try it. Sean got the ultimate "man's meal" with fried chicken, mac'n'cheese and french fries, and I got blackened salmon, smothered cabbage and smashed potatoes. Heck to the yum, ya'll!
This morning I woke up and made a smoothie with mango, strawberries, bananas, honey, cinnamon, orange juice and greek yogurt. Then Sean and I went to Starbucks before taking a relaxing walk on the greenway! It was the perfect afternoon.

Sean is heading back to school tonight, and while I'd love to have him here every single day for the rest of forever, I'm so glad that he'll be on spring break in two weeks! I have so much coming up in the near future! Sean's dad is having surgery tomorrow, so I'd love all of your prayers for that, I have follow up interviews later this week, I'm leaving for Boston in 12 days and then Sean and my brother come back home! Nonstop, you guys.

What have you been up to?
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