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Yesterday, while doing an hour of cardio at the YMCA and watching Pretty Little Liars, I started day-dreaming about sweets. Surprising right? I tend to think about food the most when I'm exercising. Oops.

One of my favorite things is a chocolate croissant. Man how I miss that decadent goodness. Flaky, buttery, sweet... yum. Nothing better than starting the day with chocolate! 

I was working away, feeling the burn, when I remembered one of my favorite breakfast places here in Charlotte, Cast Iron Waffles. Not exactly a chocolate croissant, but just as delicious. My mom and sister and I used to go there all the time before I realized I have a gluten intolerance, and I was so sad to say goodbye to it! Feeling hopeful, I decided to look up their menu once I left the Y to see if they added any gluten free waffles... It was a sign from heaven!! They expanded their menu, and my heart expanded with joy. I told my mom the minute I walked in the door that we needed to go there the next morning! 

So here's a little peak into my early morning waffle adventure. No makeup, no stress, messy hair, extra nutella, and a soy almond joy latte. 
Top, Urban Outfitters. Vest, Urban Outfitters. Shorts, American Eagle. Shoes, Converse. Bag, Versona. Hat, N/A. Watch, XOXO. Ring, Hand Picked. Sunglasses, Madewell.

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