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This Thursday I'm leaving for Boston to visit my twin sister! If you don't remember from earlier this year, I had a trip planned a couple months ago to visit Laura, and the week that I was supposed to leave I was struck down with a killer kidney stone. So now, finally, I am going on the trip I've been looking forward to all year! 

Boston holds a special place in my heart. Not just because my sister lives there, but because I lived there for 3 months. The history, the architecture, the food, the shopping... it's a magical place. I love how you can wake up in Boston and step outside your door to find the city awake and alive. It's almost electric! It has a cozy, homey, cultural feeling, while still filling you with the excitement and thrill that a big city always does! The atmosphere sends a current through you, feeling even more realistic with the hum of the T under your feet, sending you into coffee shops, bookstores, and breakfast spots galore. You can hunker down in the public library with your novel of choice, or go out for an authentic Italian feast with close friends. 

I'm so, so excited to be back in Beantown! Hugging my twin, and exploring new spots that she's come to call her own over the last year. Cheers to Boston! 

Here's a look back at a few Boston style files...
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